H3srisen, a UK-based True Believer, Delivers an Extra Powerful Performance in the Single “Energy.”

H3srisen is a movement and brand from London in the UK whose style of Christian music transcends the gospel barriers- it certainly is the music of a movement as H3srisen is all about bringing creativity and innovation to worship and experimenting with new things. He wants to create music that is more than just songs in church, but anthems you can really listen to any day of the week and get moving due to the sheer level of energy and stunning innovation- and talking about energy, he has a brand new single dubbed, “Energy”- a breathtaking and high vitality track that will get you feeling like you can face the world with some renewed vigor the track inflicts on you.

“Energy” is a transcending masterpiece from head to toe and the type that can stop you in your tracks as you flash your phone out and head straight to Shazam as you try to find out at least the name of the song or the artist. He goes hard on this with the accompanying quintessential hip-hop beats embellished by some vintage synths, deep-phased bass, resounding drums, and atmospheric percussion from 808 that echo the spirit and groove of trap and UK Grime!

H3srisen wastes no time in making his mark- delivering with energy and passion some of every flawless bar and occasionally making a resourceful detour for the exiting and engaging hook section. This is an intoxicating tune right here and you will marvel at how easily he manages to fuse several elements into one finished body of work that keeps intriguing throughout!

“Energy” professes undying gratitude for God’s never-ending grace and salvation and in a way reclaims the victory that is within us that makes us who we are, capable of moving mountains if we believe hard enough. His voice is raw, honest, and emotional and the lyrics backed by that show-stopping performance are definitely what make this track stand out!

“Energy” is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms follow the attached link and make this tune your favourite from now henceforth- it absolutely has all the qualities you’d need in a favourite jam!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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