“Friend” by Jemimah Paine ft J. Vessel

The moment I pressed play and heard the opening words of Jemimah Paine’s new single ‘Friend’ I knew I was stumbling upon a rare gem. It’s true, some friends are there for a season and others for a lifetime. We all hope to find those friends, and sometimes that we would be those kinds of friends to others. However, the young singer-songwriter shares beautifully through her musical talent about the One steady companion we can find in this life. 

Friends, keep your eyes peeled for the incredibly mellow, and heartfelt music that holds the future of this artist. Jemimah Paine is a Christian Music Artist based in London. She wears many hats as a classically-trained singer/songwriter, voice teacher, and worship leader. Jemimah is no stranger to the music scene, as she began singing at the tender age of 7 and gravitated towards songwriting during this time. Included in her latest single ‘Friend’ is Christian rapper J. Vessel, which she wrote alongside songwriter and producer Féz. 

Her unique sound crosses a range of genres which include jazz, neo-soul, contemporary, and pop. In January 2020 Jemimah released her debut EP ‘Anthem’s. All songs on the EP are original. During lockdown, Jemimah was involved in a number of music projects and has just released her second single ‘Use Me’ which is co-written by Féz, a South London-based songwriter and producer and founder of OL creative.

Through her music, she seeks to inspire courageous joy and freedom through deep-reaching lyrics that you’ll find yourself soon humming along to. One of her favourite lyrics from the song is the line, ‘You don’t have to have a reason to be there for my lifetime’. She explains that God is her rock, her constant, and she is reminded of His ultimate faithlessness. 

The scripture that this reminds me of is 2 Timothy 2:13 which reads, ‘if we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself’. That deserves so much of our awe. This is a picture of the character of our God, to be faithless goes against the very nature of who He is. He cannot be unfaithful, even if we turn away, He remains unchanged.

A few other noteworthy meanings found in her lyrics is her description of God’s love as the center of His faithfulness. She captures this so wonderfully, as God’s love not only reaches out to us in our brokenness, as we wander away from Him, and are lost in our sin. Yet, it is the fact that He showed us this love while we were still sinners that captivate us toward His kind of love.

Whether we hit the lowest points of our lives, or if we are simply coasting through it. The foundation of His love is that He’ll catch us. This doesn’t mean that we will never fall, but I love the reminder that she gives us in that He holds us together in all seasons of life. He catches us when we fall and is near to us on our cloudiest of days. Surely, we have a good good ‘Friend’ in Jesus.

Thank you Jemimah for the incredibly beautiful reminder of the faithful Friend we have in Christ and for blessing us with your unbelievable talent.

Written by Melissa Mayburgh


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