Freedom Music Delivers a Powerfully Moving Performance In “Declarations” off of Their “Prisoner of Grace” EP

Freedom Music

Freedom Music is a worship/songwriting team from the Freedom Ministry at Lakewood Church in Houston, led by Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen. Through fervently detailed lyrics, Freedom Music’s songwriting encompasses themes of closeness with God and his divine holiness and his never-ending grace and the group draws on each individual’s journey of truly understanding and accepting grace and it is their hope for every listener who interacts with their music to understand the depth of God’s goodness towards them and to know that deep down, Jesus loves them no matter who they are and that will never change. We may change as it is the nature of humans to, but the Love of God towards us will forever remain the same- I mean how good and gracious this God is!

Freedom Music just released their new 6-track EP, “Prisoner of Grace” and it has been widely and warmly received with listeners streaming in their thousands from the first week it dropped. The track, “Declarations” is a single off of this album and they featured singers Ije Oguh and Shayne Simpson. “Declarations” is more than the melodious reggae-like anthem; it is an affirmation of God’s love and grace that has enabled each and everyone to get this far. This is a message of victory that reflects such depth of worship and fellowship as displayed in the heartfelt performances.

“Declarations” praises God for his faithfulness towards his children in the consistent building and strengthening of foundations made in Him; setting us free from false beliefs, restoring us to our heavenly heritage, and pulling us closer to complete freedom. The Afro-Caribbean vibe and the joyous performance with the give-and-take vocal presentation from the lead and backing vocalists are in line with the song’s theme of spiritual deconstruction and reconstruction.

 This is an absolutely moving tune full of inspiring testimonies and is the best track to start your day to!

“Declarations” and the entire EP can now be assessed for streaming; follow the attached link and let this and other songs elevate your soul as well as your playlist!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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