Dubem – The Land of Make Believe ft. Ryan Cole

“Land of the make believe, building a home, Fabricating your life through a cellular phone, Framing the Highlights, but hiding the lows , Holding it all together and staying composed”


It’s one of our favourite songs this week that has recently come out. “The land of Make Believe” is an amazing Hip-Hop alternative. 

Dubem wrote this song during a time where he was observing the pervasiveness of social media in our culture, analysing the negative impact that it has had on the collective consciousness of our society. He started to find himself getting plagues with a sense of inadequacy because he was comparing his life to highlight reels that were being portrayed on social media until he realised that a majority of what he saw on there was not even real. 

Many people fabricate the “ideal life” on social media and it is a form of escapism for them.,. Especially when there is a disconnect between one’s desired life and their current reality. This just reinforces the notion that your identity has to be rooted in Christ and not in the things of this world. 

This song addresses a problem we have as a community. We tend to make-believe, to pretend to be people we are not. We paint a picture people are okay with, choosing our aesthetic, choosing our layouts for the world to see the mask and the lie. 

In truth, no matter who you pretend to be, God sees the truth, He knows the ugly, he knows the pain we try to hide, the shame we don’t want the world to see. 

It is better to be real. When we are real, we do not set fake perceptions or expectations. 

The perfect ring light will never fix your perception of yourself, it will never fix troubles you are facing, no amount of filters will be able to change the realness of our realities. It is time that we stop running to things like social media when we want to escape. 

Because we choose Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, He is the one we need to run to, social media is not our god, what people think of you is not your god.

Let us start being real. Let’s love God and learn to love ourselves enough to let go of the mask. 

Thank you Dubem for addressing this topic. People really need to hear this. 

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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