The purpose of this mixtape (GOOD) is to project the marvellous light of Christ into peoples lives. Including my own. The music is meant to inspire us to seek a deeper relationship with God and trust Him more. It is also meant for the people who have been in the dark or neglected. This body of work contains rap, r&b and spoken word. God bless you as you listen. – Dansmko

You got to keep working and striving to follow Christ. The only way is up when you hit rock bottom. 

Godfidence is trusting God more like Daniel in the lion’s den. Things take time but you need to keep persevering.

Songs like this aren’t popular in the world we living in but Dansmko does not count money and riches or fame as a success but He counts crowns in heaven. He does not focus on material gain or worldly treasures but he places his treasures in heaven as scripture tells us to. 

This artist speaks about his old life, where he used to have idols that he chased every day and so the enemy turned it into a weapon.

I don’t have the right equipment but I am equipped” – Dansmko – GODFIDENCE

God equips us with all we need. God has a plan for our lives. It is a difficult process to follow Christ but our trust and confidence need to be placed at Jesus’ feet because He is truly the one who wins in the end. 

Thank you to the artist for reminding us what it is to be CONFIDENT. I pray this song blesses all who hears it. 

If you want to link up with the artist, below is links to his social media and links to his music.

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Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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