Christian Singer-songwriter Aubreyy Has a New Multi-diverse Tune, “This Is Where I Come From” off of His Debut Album, “Kingdom Minded”


Prepare your mind to be literally blown away with the sheer level of innovation singer-songwriter and performer Aubreyy brings with her versatile style that blends Christian rap with futuristic pop for that ethereally fulfilling experience. She embodies the true Gospel of Christ and is inspired to spread the message to all those who may be feeling a little sad, lost, and broken as she hopes to motivate them and help them find their way back to Christ like she did several years ago. There is a certain star quality about her and when you listen to her perform, you are instantaneously drawn in- she has that innate ability to just capture a listener’s attention and there is a certain indescribably captivating glow to her voice also that is so perfect for her multi-diverse style of music.

She just released her debut Christian-inspired album, “Kingdom Minded” which is made up of 13 stunningly innovative tracks. “This Is Where I Come From” is a single off of the album and it is an infectious and deeply moving anthemic tune that blends the grandiose of melodic hip-hop with the fascination of modern pop for one deeply resonant track that features very hopeful and inspiring theme as displayed by the lyrics.

There is a way those repeated catchy and melodious phrases of, “This is where I come from” stick to your mind and you will just be going on with your business and somehow just hear her vocals hauntingly performing in the back of your mind. “This Is Where I Come From” is an uplifting, tremendous song filled with encouraging affirmations that will help listeners be the best versions of themselves with the tune reverberating the message of freedom and grace through Jesus Christ!

Aubreyy is just getting started and she will not rest until her gospel transcends all borders present in the universe to reach the whole world. I’m honoured to present to your next favourite Christian artist who is on course to break all the boundaries present in Christian music with her eclectic style!

“This Is Where I Come From” is now available for streaming; follow the attached link and make this track your favourite. Don’t forget to share it with other listeners too so as to spread the message of hope and deliverance!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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