Christian Lofi Music Spotify Playlist

Christian lofi has been slowly climbing the ranks in the Christian music scene. A few years back you would be scraping a few artists who done lofi music then you would hear a few tracks leak through like Sean C. Johnson – Mountains one of our favourites which is included in this playlist :). As the year have gone on though there have been some amazing artists flying through with the Christian Lofi like Montell Fish, Isaac Wheadon, Sarah Juers, Johnathan Ogden and many more. All of them have a unique sound as well as a great sound! You can check them out and more on our Christian lofi Christian music Spotify Playlist. Check it out below and make sure to give it a follow so you can be updated with new lofi music out.

christian lofi music playlist

Let us know below in the comments who else should be on this playlist 🙂 if you are looking for more great Christian music check out Gospel Hydration.

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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