Cerose – Outside the box

Outside the box is here and ready for your ears. Each song on this album gets straight to the point. It is not your regular style of Christian music out there. This one is out of the box and actually, each song is so aligned with truths found in scripture. 

This artist is not afraid to share the truth with the world, whether it offends or makes others uncomfortable he shares it. One thing I can promise you is that this music will give you a different perspective.

This artist shares with us his personal testimony, He tells us that he was a wretched sinner who was saved by the Messiah. He speaks of transformation, change, a new identity and a new creation. He speaks of controversial topics in his music that no other person would dare to. 

If I had to describe this album in one phrase, it would be “This brings glory to God”.

And at the end of it all, that is what matters most. Go and check out this talented artist and enjoy the music, listen to the words and take it in.

Thank you Cerose for giving us realness. 

Below is a  link to assist you in listening to the artist’s music.


Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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