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Ty Brasel – The Divine Storm

Young Ty Man dropped his new album , The Divine Storm on Friday. Definitely one of our favorites in Chirisitan Hip Hop, so we've been waiting for this one. Ty Brasel is...

One Eighty by Duane Caleb

Duane Caleb recently released his new album titled, One Eighty. I previously downloaded it waiting for the perfect day to vibe to the project on my way home from work. I wanted...

Andy Mineo’s Work in Progress

Andy Mineo's new project is a collection of unreleased songs interweaved with clips of a podcast. I love this because if you're a Andy Mineo fan, it gives you a chance to...

Still Shadey – Croydon Baby (Review)

Before I get into this review I just want to say that Still Shadey has shown an incredible work ethic for Christian Rap. The week before the release of Croydon Baby Still...

Paul the Messenger’s New Album, As I Am

As I Am, begins with Laetaโ€™s beautiful voice crying out to God on, โ€œChangesโ€. Her voice mixed with Paul the Messenger's is like two forces coming together to create a powerful symphony....

ND18- Truth Is (ft Shema)

Newday have released their promo music video for the event this year and its awesome! The annual major Christian youth conference, Newday have released their promo music video for the event this year...

Guvna B – “Hands Are Made For Working” | Epic Album

The thing I really like about Guvna B is that his music matures and grows with him.. Guvna B has broke all expectations again with his brand new album "Hands Are Made For...

Ann’marie – Envision (Review and Interview)

The balanced instrumentals create a soulful vibe and progressively tell a story throughout. Envision is a song written, sung and produced by siblings Anthony (24), Samantha (22) and Janine Harrison (20) who collectively...
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