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Looking for a good Christian Lofi playlist on Spotify?

Christian Lofi / Chillhop is such an amazing genre to be coming out of the scene. From artists like Montell fish to Isaac Wheadon and Eluzai. The scene is growing in...

22 Christian Music Playlists On Spotify That You Should Be Following

Christian Music is just getting better and better of recent. However even though good Christian music is on a rise, the awareness of it isn't! Good Christian music can be so difficult...

Gospel Hydration | Christian Workout Playlist

We know with the lockdown it’s been hard to stay in shape. Even for us on the GH team we have made some fitness goals but sometimes it’s hard to find the...

DJ AZee – Christian Reggae, Afrobeat, Rnb, & Dance Live Mix

DJ AZee has been bringing the Holy Spirit into thousands of homes with his Sunday Live mixes. Today was a Holy Ghost party, as DJ Azee, jumped from Reggaeton Cristiano, to Afrogospel,...

eluzai – continue?

The Family, eluzai, has really been putting out some of the best LoFi for the past two years. Here’s his new single, “continue?”, giving out real nostalgia for anyone who grew up...

Elvrichboy – Lova

Nigerian Afro Drip artist, Elvrichboy, releases his new single 'Lova'. A melodic and bouncy record about our love for Jesus. Elvrich is a new artist but we already see he is ready...

Morgan J – I Could Love Ya Like Jesus.

Morgan J aka Angel Pop Music premiered her new music video today on Gospel Hydration. A beautiful song with beautiful visuals. Morgan is known for her angelic flows over lofi and pop...

Christian Lofi Music Spotify Playlist

Christian lofi has been slowly climbing the ranks in the Christian music scene. A few years back you would be scraping a few artists who done lofi music then you would hear...
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