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22 Christian Music Playlists On Spotify That You Should Be Following

Christian Music is just getting better and better of recent. However even though good Christian music is on a rise, the awareness of it isn't! Good Christian music can be so difficult...

Idrees Oloyede releases his Christian LoFi album, Zamar

Idrees Oloyede just dropped his LoFi album, Zamar! A seven track masterpiece, that you can relax and dwell in the spirit. Here’s, “It’s Just The Beginning” now premiering on Gospel Hydration...

DGraham – Again

DGraham just released his new single, Again. A song about battling with sin and the thoughts & feelings that come along with it. This is a place we have all been, and...

eluzai – continue?

The Family, eluzai, has really been putting out some of the best LoFi for the past two years. Here’s his new single, “continue?”, giving out real nostalgia for anyone who grew up...

Brand New Lofi E.P by Vesse “Quiet Time” Out Now

Narobi Artist / Producer Vesse recently dropped his brand new E.P called Quiet Time. Giving us that chilled out Lofi feel. Great for quiet time with God or study time. "This EP...

Christian Lofi Music Spotify Playlist

Christian lofi has been slowly climbing the ranks in the Christian music scene. A few years back you would be scraping a few artists who done lofi music then you would hear...
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