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Christian Poetry


Gabrielle Robinson – My Moon (Poem)

Today we have something a little different and unique for you. Artist / Creative Gabrielle Robinson wrote an amazing poetry piece when I read it the words took me to a complete...

8 Blogs you can find Good Christian Music

Before starting Gospel Hydration I found it difficult to find good alternative Christian music online. When I say alternative Christian music I talk about Christian Afrobeats, R&B, House, Lofi & Hip-Hop there...

5 Christian Podcasts You Should Check Out In 2020

Podcasts having been booming in the past few years and now in the Christian community we are seeing even more great podcasts emerging. Spending time listening to Christian conversations can be a...


One of my best friends texted me today saying, "Hit me with a verse from the book kid. I need that." Lately, life has been a little conufusing for him. Work was...

2 Christian brands you should get behind today

Christian brands and organisations are on the rise! The quality is getting better and the designs as well. I had a hunt around social media and the web to find the ones...

How to deal with your fear of failure as a creative?

Proactive work ethic  The fear of failure as a creative is much harder to deal with and overcome than actually the failing itself. Fear is the biggest killer of success, innovation...

Does Christianity Have A Place In Urban Fashion?

Does Christianity have a place in Urban Fashion? Another question to be considered is should Christianity have a role in influencing popular culture?  Sadly Christianity and Urban Fashion sounds like an oxymoron....

The Man Behind Gospel Hydration | Daily Hydration #1

"I see Jesus Music as something that flows like the ocean, water and waves hence the name Gospel Hydration." When I begin writing introductions to blog posts I find it difficult to know...
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