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Christian Poetry


Gabrielle Robinson – The Secret Place (poem)

Sometimes it can be hard or difficult to come before God and really say what you want to say. For me at the time I wrote this poem, I assumed the secret...

Gabrielle Robinson – The Sovereign One (Poem)

In a different realm is where you reside Heaven is your home Earth is your footstool You have control over everything, but you gave us free will You wanted us to love you for who you...

Team Obedience

A week ago a friend and I went to Greenwich park for a meet up with Team Obedience. They are a fellowship group founded by Demi Irawo in 2016. I had...

How To Release Music in 2020 (RELEASE TIMELINE)

You’ve worked so hard on your song, so don’t just throw it out into the air! There’s actually strategies that indie artists can use to maximize their streaming numbers on Spotify. Understanding...

Gamie Drops New Piece ‘The Truth About Lies’

Nigerian rapper and poet 'Gamie' has just dropped a new poetic piece titled 'The Truth About Lies'. 'The Truth About Lies' talks about how we feel as humans when we're being lied to...

Online Church Hopping

Churches have closed their doors. Congregating is lawfully forbidden and prohibited. No more Sunday service, no more midweek fellowship. No more Sunday school. No choir practice and no Bible study. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the Body of Christ to convene online. Next to Instagram lives and Zoom conference calls, online church services are now one of the biggest streaming sensations during this pandemic. So guess what that means? Now we get to attend all our favourite churches. We are officially church hopping.

Fun Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Loved Ones

Going through this pandemic has been hard on all of us. It is even harder not being able to have your support system around you. I know for me, that's wifey, my...

5 Ways to Relieve Your Anxiety In Stressful Seasons

A Hot Cup of Tea At night our anxiety tends to kick in the hardest because we're finally alone with our thoughts. A nice hot cup of tea right before bed can...
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