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Why I can’t wait for Ryan Hylton’s new release “Holy Water”

Ryan Hylton is a fast emerging Christian Artist from the UK. He's not just any Christian musician though . He is Hydration records newest signing! Hydration Records is a part of Gospel...

Hydration Festival 2021 is just around the corner! Get your tickets

Gospel Hydration are back this year with their annual Christian music event Hydration Festival. Featuring amazing artists worldwide with a colourful mix of genres. From Afrobeats to Grime Hydration Festival has it...

Guvna B Set to release his new book “Unspoken” in a few days

UK Christian Music Artist Guvna B is set to release his new book "Unspoken" Which looks like it will be an interesting read. What Guvna B says about it is "There’s a few...

Finding A Way Back

For me, these past couple months have been madness. Living in a world where there is a global pandemic was not something that would have crossed my mind. Low and behold...

Team Obedience

A week ago a friend and I went to Greenwich park for a meet up with Team Obedience. They are a fellowship group founded by Demi Irawo in 2016. I had...

How To Release Music in 2020 (RELEASE TIMELINE)

You’ve worked so hard on your song, so don’t just throw it out into the air! There’s actually strategies that indie artists can use to maximize their streaming numbers on Spotify. Understanding...

The video everyone has been talking about ‘The UK Blessing”

If you have been on social media recently you definitely have come across a platform or individual promoting this video "The UK Blessing" which features over 40 praise and worship leaders from...

Online Church Hopping

Churches have closed their doors. Congregating is lawfully forbidden and prohibited. No more Sunday service, no more midweek fellowship. No more Sunday school. No choir practice and no Bible study. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the Body of Christ to convene online. Next to Instagram lives and Zoom conference calls, online church services are now one of the biggest streaming sensations during this pandemic. So guess what that means? Now we get to attend all our favourite churches. We are officially church hopping.
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