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Still Shadey drops his ‘Heaven’ Drill remix on GRM Daily

After a successful drop of Still Shadey's most recent single 'Heaven'. He now switched up the levels and brought out an epic Drill remix featuring Melvillous, Jo Joey & Double S. To...

Catch Gospel Hydration Founder Derrick Tchie On The Panel Of Raising The Standard

Gospel Hydration founder Derrick Tchie will be on the panel of event "raising the standard" on the 21st of January 2021. An event hosted by the music industry fellowship LDN. Raising the...

Gospel Hydration | Top 10 Collaborations 2020

The best way we see artists grow is collaborting with one another. This is the perfect example of how incredible the outcome can be when the kingdom of God works together. These...

Sarah Teibo ends our 2020 with a online Christmas concert

"Latest updates around lockdown and Covid 19 still leave a lot of uncertainty around what can and can’t be done over Christmas. So I guess virtual Christmas Carols are the way forward"...

Congrats to Jon Keith On his engagement

Congratulations to Christian rapper Jon Kieth on his engagement to his beautiful fiance. Love is so amazing and partnership between a Husband and Wife should be celebrated. Praying peace and strength over...

Shana Lana is about to release her new single “Goodbye Babylon”

US Christian artist Shana|Lana has a new song "Goodbye Babylon" set to be released very soon. Shana|Lana has such a beautiful and creative style that really expresses God's creative flow when you...

Courtney Adelle drops her brand new track “Nothin On Me”

Christian artist Courtney Adelle just dropped visuals for her brand new release "Nothin On Me" reminding us that the enemy hasn't got anything on us. Check out the visuals below. Nothin On...

FLF is Back with His New Album

FLF is back with a new name and a new album. Flood Light Forever, dropped his self titled album, FLF, filled with grimey hip hop beats mixed with powerful lyrics.  You have been...
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