Canada Based Christian Singer and Rapper Brandyin Shares His, “Pain” Through an Uplifting and Inspiring Melody


BrandyIn hails from Montreal Canada and although he grew up in a Christian-oriented family, he was not one who identified much with the church until he found his way and calling through Jesus Christ and he is now on the forefront of spreading the gospel through his artistry. This young and determined soul blends the genres of trap, soul, R&B, and dancehall among others to come up with an extensive brand of sound that is complemented by his deeply meaningful and inspiring lyrics that offer escapism to the true word of God and Jesus Christ the messiah. Going through his uplifting discography, you will be blessed and fascinated at such an altruistic artistic showcase- it’s a bottomless barrel of touching and uplifting euphonies performed with indescribably heartfelt passion.

The tune, “Pain” has its foundations rooted in that trap and urban R&B sound with the deep-phased bass coming together with the atmospheric drums and synths to articulate a very infectious and joyous rhythmic tune. “Pain” is a raw and honest display of all the trials and tribulations that BrandyIn has been through and how he finally came to see the light through Jesus Christ.

“Pain” has those deeply resonant qualities; BrandyIn’s hauntingly mesmerizing vocals that are slightly auto-tuned and effortlessly warm themselves over the instrumentation punch straight to the heart and soul of a listener. This is a fashionable track that fuses its spirited nature, and depth of the theme of worship and fellowship and backs that up with unstoppable testimonies and victories through the lyrical deliver to give anyone listening in hope of a better tomorrow that is possible through God’s own power and saving hands!

The message in her is deep and it goes all round-transcending even the religious barriers. Anyone who opens themselves to its message will absolutely feel impacted and even the younger generation will also resonate due to the upbeat nature of the melody as they let those powerful lines sink in.

“Pain” is an absolute recommendation and such a heartwarming and uplifting ballad- follow the attached link so as to enjoy and open yourself up to the track’s message and meaning for it to truly make an impact. Don’t keep it to yourself- share it with as many listeners as possible!


Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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