Black History by King Lemuel

Black History by King Lemuel is out. It is a timely song for the month of October as we celebrate Black History month from October 1st to 31st.

The artist Lemuel Nelson, who goes by the stage name King Lemuel is a raw and expressive spoken word artist, rapper, singer songwriter from Birmingham, UK. His ministry incorporates a range of genres into his sound but is best described as set apart music for those seeking a deeper connection with the most high. 

He has been nurtured in a musical family with 6 siblings where everyone, including Mom and Dad would gather together in the home to worship in praise songs and musical instruments. He was moved to launch his ministry in December 2020 and has put out his debut single “BLACKHISTORY” in 2021. 

Lemuel combines life’s experience to controversially addressing social, economical and political issues in his music. Scripture, spirituality and reverence to the most high being the common denominator. 

He describes the inspiration behind the track, “black history is in fact human history however has been predominantly reduced to slavery, freedom fighters and few creatives.”

“What is being projected as our history merely scratches the surface. Unfortunately if one does not know who they are, where they genetically come from, then how do we know where we are destined to go, return to. After all, life is a race that is somewhat tiring without a destination, to say the least.”

“This is the inspiration behind “BLACK HISTORY” the mis-education, the lack of education, the state of our so-called “Black” nation. I guess some things we will have to unlearn, but how can one learn without being taught?”

Artists like King Lemuel and their music are a pathway for us to be taught. Ultimately, as he pointed out Christ is King, over all. In Him we find our greatest identity and life everlasting. 

Written by Melissa Mayburgh


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