Olusola Adenusi


Gamie Drops New Piece ‘The Truth About Lies’

Nigerian rapper and poet 'Gamie' has just dropped a new poetic piece titled 'The Truth About Lies'. 'The Truth About Lies' talks about how we feel as humans when we're being lied to...


Nigerian born singer, rapper and producer 'Rehmahz' releases another single titled "You Do". "You Do" is a song inspired by God's word. This song is an expression of God's unspeakable blessings(2 Corinthians...

Charlz Dogo Drops New Single With Nkay & Oba Reengy

Nigerian rapper 'Charlz Dogo' has recently dropped a new single titled 'Hosanna' alongside two popping artistes in the country 'Nkay' and 'Oba Reengy'. Hosanna is a song of gratitude to the most high...

Same OG Releases New Music Titled ‘Exempted’

Nigerian CHH/Urban Female Artiste - Same OG releases a new song and let us call it a “timely jam” titled EXEMPTED. With the World struck with fear and worry amidst the ongoing COVID-19...

Afro Gospel To The World And Its Wave Pushers

When the Afrobeats tag came up, no one knew it was going to blow up as this with many Nigerian acts pioneering the movement. One aspect of the Nigerian music industry not...

Olusola Adenusi