Austin Joyce – Struggle

Have you ever felt hopelessly stuck in your sin, unable to escape it? Brother or sister, you are not alone. Did you know Paul himself who wrote the majority of the New Testament struggled with sin too?  Romans 7 sheds a clear light on what is to be a Christian that still lives in a sinful body. As Christians, we desire to obey God not because we have to but because we want to. So when we sin it goes against our hearts desires.

Austin Joyce wrote this amazing song just about that battle. The true struggle of a Christians daily walk or life. Here is a piece by the artist explaining the song himself:

“Sometimes we can feel like we are in a tug of war with the evil one. He can take control without us even noticing because we continue to distract ourselves with the peaks and highs of our everyday life. I can’t forget about The One who holds all dominion and washed my sins away in the purest form of sacrifice. Hatred spews out of our culture and we are called to be set apart from that. I am undeserving and can get caught up in all that this world has to offer, but God continues to redeem me.”

– Austin Joyce

This is a testimony to many of us, no matter how much we fail Jesus is always ready to forgive us. When struggling to see the light in this dark world and desires, we need to remember to turn to our saviour, the shame is just a reminder of who we were and how we have been redeemed.

“I’m tryna fight my way out, but the devil keeps pushing me back, And he wants me to sin, Justifying all my actions, He’s sitting back clapping; he hopes I eventually bend (No sir), Might end up breaking, He might overtake me and taking my mind just out for a spin (Spin), That’s really how it begins, Take a quick look through my lens “

– Austin Joyce, Struggle

Thank you Austin Joyce for this amazing song that speaks to those who struggle in sin. It is truly a reminder that we have the power and self-control of the Holy Spirit.

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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