AR Base – Trouble

This song speaks about the chaos in the world and how we are dealing with hardships, but the artist encourages us not to panic. He says God is beside us, he says to watch out for fake news. Don’t panic God is in control. 

As Christians, we need to realise that we need to find our rest in Jesus Christ in every hardship we face and every challenge. Challenges are there to test us and help us rise above. Jesus has overcome the world and therefore He will sustain you and support you. Trust that God is in control and that you have nothing to worry about because He cares for those who love Him. 

Thank you to the artist who has blessed us with a real song that shares with us courage and trust in Jesus Christ in times of trouble. 

To hear more from this artist, below are links for you to check out. Enjoy


Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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