Ann’marie – Envision (Review and Interview)

The balanced instrumentals create a soulful vibe and progressively tell a story throughout.

Envision is a song written, sung and produced by siblings Anthony (24), Samantha (22) and Janine Harrison (20) who collectively post their songs as ‘Ann-Marie’; a combination of Samantha and Janine’s middle names. Here we have an interview with Samantha from the group and a review of the track.

How long have you been making music together as a family?

We wrote and created this song at home in 2015, but within our very early years, we’ve always been a musically orientated family and from as young as I can remember we’ve been singing. Anthony creates music, and this is how we were able to record this song, discussing what should be included, how it should sound and each having an input in writing the lyrics.

Gospel Hydration review of the sound:

The track begins with the playing of a tuneful keyboard, with calm vocals ‘down in a meadow’ sung by Anthony- setting a serene scene. The beat then drops inviting a clapping cadence and more melodious vocals from Samantha and Janine. The balanced instrumentals create a soulful vibe and progressively tell a story throughout. The song intro is repeated towards the end of the song and slowly fades out leaving listeners in a place of reflecting on God’s creation ‘down in a meadow, where the wind blows’.

What inspired you to write ‘Envision’ and what is the meaning behind it?

The word ‘envision’ means to imagine, visualise, see in one’s mind and this is what we felt was happening whilst we wrote the song. The beginning sets the scene as if you’re laying in a meadow visualising everything that is happening around you, admiring the nature God has giving us and then being tranquil and coming to a point of reflection, in understanding that time waits for no man. As the song goes on, it speaks about waiting. During the waiting process, it has been hard, almost to a point where our minds can become bombarded, making us feel as though we were crazy with so many thoughts. Then finally a dream where we see the ‘Light’ representing Christ reoccurs, appearing out of nowhere and it is within His presence that we feel his hands guiding, comforting and making us see that the only way, is to trust Him.

The chorus, speaks of surrendering to the Lord’s will by falling on our knees and crying out to Him. We as humans fight daily with our sins, it is a constant battle, and this was represented in saying Lord, we no longer want to be your contender. It is at this point where we reflect again and realise that through the journey, past pains have followed us, and the only way is for Christ to step in.

We as humans may doubt our future, but with Christ, we know that he will make a provision for us and that we should not fear the journey because He is always with us. It’s about letting go and trusting His ways.

What is it like making music with siblings?

It is wonderful because there is love added to the music and songs. We are able to collaborate with one another, knowing our capabilities and the close bonds, enables us to write songs within a short space of time. Of course, having siblings you may clash sometimes, but this always gets resolved quickly and we are then able to move on and make music.

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By: Maxine Harrison |

Written by Derrick

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