Angelle Roux – Gr8ful

Angelle Roux Is a Christian Gospel/ Alternative R&B artist raised and based in Dublin Ireland. Her singles Blessin’ and Gr8ful are fun uptempo tracks that expresses her gratitude to God for everything he’s done for her on her journey so far. Many more songs to come this year and beyond.

This song expresses a grateful attitude. In this song Angelle expresses that she is grateful in the morning, in her coming and going, no matter what happens she will be grateful. 

God remains faithful. So in our lives, we need to stop looking at the bad and truly thank God for the things we have. There is always someone with less than what we currently have. 

Sometimes when we count our blessings we firstly look at the physical things in our life and say “thank you Lord”, which is a good thing to do but God has given us so much more than we cannot see. 

We need to be grateful for HIs sacrifice, for His gift of salvation, for His mercy and for His constant faithfulness. Through His sacrifice we have also received citizenship into the Kingdom of heaven, although we suffer here on earth with many trials, we need to truly remember the greater things to be grateful for. 

Let us celebrate how grateful we are by singing this song and making a declaration to God. Saying : 

“Oh Lord I’m grateful, I declare that you are faithful (oh Lord), Mi à saying thank you for things that you do, With you by my side Mi can never lose.”  – Angelle Roux – Gr8ful

Written by Melanie Williams

A Theology Major who is passionate about Jesus and writing.


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