Andy Mineo’s Work in Progress

Andy Mineo‘s new project is a collection of unreleased songs interweaved with clips of a podcast. I love this because if you’re a Andy Mineo fan, it gives you a chance to sit down and get a piece of his mind. He talks about spiritual growth, marriage, song concepts, and the volunarbilty. It made me feel like I was a part of the conversation. The whole project feels raw; from the conversations, to the song titles, to the emotion behind the records. It’s a Andy Mineo bares all, no edits, just a pure stream of consciousness.

I was hype when I saw, “Reflections Rough W_Horns & Break.Mp3”, was the first song on the tracklist. This is one of my favorite Andy Mineo tracks. I first heard the song about a year ago on the KSRadio Show. Eliseo Torrez, off the show, ended up emailing me the song because I could never find the song on Apple music. This version sounds so much cleaner, the vocals are sitting prefectly on the keys. It’s lowkey inspiring because as an artist we tend to feel discouraged about re-recording records. I recently lost a file, and my first thought was, I’ll never get it to sound like that again. But hearing these new and improved joints from Andy reminds me that sometimes God wants us to take a second go at it. Here’s to second chances.

And I set myself on fire trying to keep everybody else warm

And uh, you told me between my head that my chest is where you call home

Andy Mineo – another me 3/7 NEW (Gawvi remake).mp3

On Podcast-Clips 5 and 6, Andy talks about marriage and priorities. Somtimes our careers consume our daily lives so much that our significant others take the backseat. He tells us that our careers are temperary but marriage is forever. Somthing as simple as date night should come first. Those intimate moments contiue to feed our relationships. Andy also talks about when he was getting married, only one person told him he was going to love it. I could relate to that becuase most of the men I work with have gone through a divorce. Hearing the negative experiences from others can be discouraging, but I try to remind myself that their relationship isn’t my relationship. Even if we have to be the example of love we want to see in the world; we have to try and build that.

Andy Mineo ends the project with, “Family Photo second half idea 2 (joel draft).aif”. The verision we’re use to on his, I: The Arrow – EP, the second verse is so powerful, we hear Andy’s anger as he screams into the mic. However on this version, Andy spits it calmly and it makes it feel so much more painful almost as if he’s telling us that he’s grown used to being hurt. I think I like this version better, I have to listen to them both a few more times, but this version just feels wholehearted to me. If you still haven’t listened to, Work in Progress, go digest it. Let us know you’re favorite tracks, which new versions you like better and which podcast-clips resignated with you the most.

𝘎𝘰𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘭 𝘏𝘺𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯

Written by Ray


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