Afro Gospel To The World And Its Wave Pushers

When the Afrobeats tag came up, no one knew it was going to blow up as this with many Nigerian acts pioneering the movement. One aspect of the Nigerian music industry not left out of this development is the Christian music. It has been able to evolve through the years to create urban music for the listening pleasure of great music lovers and Christians, the urban artistes finally carved a niche for themselves so they can ride on freely with the tag ”Afrogospel” – making gospel songs with an afrobeats vibe and feeling. 

The brain behind this movement is to create Christian danceable songs you can groove to while still reminiscing about God’s love and staying connected to him.  

Here is introducing you to the Afrogospel Wave Pushers From Nigeria

Gaise Baba

Gboluwaga Ibuoye (Gaise Baba) is one of the top urban Christian artistes repping the culture with his music. Gaise, known for his breakout song ‘AwaOTushOh’ in 2012 has held it down with nice urban Christian content you love to see. He created the Lightout movement with the aim to take Christian music to secondary schools in Lagos, a movement he started in 2017.

With that still standing strong, Gaise has moved it a top notch higher by coming up with the Aramanda Concert where him and many other Christian artistes tour churches and bring them good music. He had its first edition in 2019 and the second edition in March 2020. 

Gil Joe

Afro gospel has grown with ‘Gil Joe’ coming into the space with his music and even pushing it forward with different tours and shows around the world. With a new album coming from the singer and producer very soon, he has taken it upon himself by moving the wave beyond Nigeria as he holds Afrogospel concerts in Ghana, USA etc. His current tour was put on hold due to the pandemic raging the world at the moment but in the mean time, you can keep streaming his new song ‘Corny’.


Rapper and Producer ‘Limoblaze’ is one of the new artistes catching the attention of many with this new wave as he has shown in his recent music releases. His 2019 project ‘Afrobeats, Rap & Jesus’ (ARJ) is a full Afrogospel project which has gathered over 2.5 million streams so far and he has a music video which is getting more streams as each day passes.  Limoblaze keeps moving the culture even as he has found a more comfortable niche for himself. His latest release ‘Wait’ is out everywhere.


There’s never a dull moment listening to the music of Nkay as he delivers as expected in songs either as a featured artiste on a solo track. The musician/lawyer has always thrilled listeners with his sound having worked with the likes of Frank Edwards, Gil Joe, Limoblaze, Charlz Dogo. You can listen to his new single ‘Promise’.

Oba Reengy

Oba Reengy is gradually becoming a favorite with his songs which he serves with a perfect blend of Afrobeats and Rap. His recent singles Unlooking, Do Something, Almost There’ are evidences of his love for this new vibe 

Marizu Ikechi

Marizu Ikechi’s voice on any song he jumps on is incomparable, his delivery on songs is exceptional. The singer who is signed on to HFP Records has thrilled listeners with his music singles including ‘Looku Looku’ and ‘I Know’.


Nolly Nwa can be a rapper when he wants to be and even switch to Afrogospel when he so choose. Nolly has been on the Afrogospel trend for a while, making music in Igbo language flipping to English when necessary. His new song with Gil Joe will not get you disappointed with his art even as we anticipate his ‘Blessed of God’ EP.

Afro Gospel keeps moving on and trust me, it’ll get bigger as time goes on with new artistes tapping into that same space. For that reason, I have just created a playlist tagged ‘Afro Gospel Vibes’ on audiomack where you can find the best of Afro Gospel sounds. 

Check out the Afro Gospel Vibes Playlist below and share.

Link here

Written by Olusola Adenusi


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