Adlith Mondejar drops her new heart pulling release ‘The Lab’

Adilith Mondejar

Listening to Adlith Mondejar’s new release ‘The Lab‘ was so amazing at first listen and really took me on a journey of understanding our walk in Faith as something constructed by God Himself and put together like an experiment.

A Little bit about Adlith Mondejar

Adlith Mondejar is a Christian acoustic soul singer-songwriter based in Dania Beach, FL. Adlith presents a whimsically soulful interpretation of music with indie-folk influence and offers a sweet down-to-earth blend of soul and poetry with modern sensibilities. Her personality and creativity inspire her symbolic and poetic lyricism, and she effortlessly combines soul-catching melodies with tales of real-life experiences wrought with motivational messages that leave the listener entertained, inspired, and deep in thought. She is currently working on her debut album, which she hopes to release by the end of 2021

Check out her new release The Lab below

Adilith Mondejar – The Lab



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