Abxl x LT ft Tee Supreme, Rap Tist, Reblah – DO IT FOR GOD

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, the artists dished “the idea of ‘Do it For God’ came about during a fast. It was a time where we both reflected on our walk in Christ and ministry, and realised that even when we lose motivation or feel discouraged, it is necessary to focus on the reason why we are required to endure, obey and sacrifice; we do these things not just for our sake but because we ‘Do it for God’.

The featured artists on this track (Tee Supreme, Rap Tist, Reblah), share the same ministry as us, and it is apparent that they are also carrying their cross based on their mindset towards working for God and the fruits of their labour. In addition to encouraging unity in the kingdom, we decided to come together to create a masterpiece,  consisting of lyrics explaining why we do it for God,  as well as embedding scriptures into our lyrics.”

Abxl and LT are two of UK’s up and coming Christian Rap artists. Their debut track “Outreach” was released last year in which they brought out the drill arsenal which is popular in the UK at the moment.

Despite drill constantly being linked with negativity, when they rap about God on a drill beat they are able to turn that 1% of the genre into something positive. 

With the sole aim of spreading the Gospel of Christ, both artists use their biblical inspiration when writing lyrics and do so on a range of genres, namely: Drill, Hip-hop, RnB & Afro swing.

I have thoroughly enjoy not only the track but the crisp visualiser that is sure to turn into your favourites list! You can give them a listen and a follow below.

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Written by Melissa Mayburgh


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