50 Christian music blogs that you can submit your new music

The Christian music scene may seem small to many however that couldn’t be any further from the truth. At Gospel Hydration we plough through 100s of new music releases every week. That is just a small amount of drops compared to the number of Christian releases dropping every day across the world. One area that many independent artists struggle with on a regular basis is getting their music heard and discovered by the right audience. This comes down to good marketing which is an area that many Christian artists do not budget or plan for when working on new music. Even if you do not have a budget or the finances to promote your music there are still many Christian blogs that you can get your new music highlighted. Below I have Put together of 50 Christian Music Blogs that you can send your music to. Please remember also that just sending out an email doesn’t guarantee song placement but don’t let that put you off keep creating and reaching out :).

Christian music band Rivers and robots.
Image: Rivers and Robots

If you would like to fast track the email process and would like us to do the legwork for you. We can submit your music to the list below for a fee of £90 send us an email at gospelhydration@gmail.com referring this post.

Christian Hip Hop (CHH)

Christian R&B / Pop

UK Christian Rap / Drill / R&B

Christian Afrobeats

Christian Indie / Soft Rock Music (CCM)

Christian Worship / Praise Music

Christian Podcasts

Niche CM Blogs

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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