’22 & Confused’ the new single from Adamariz

“22 & CONFUSED” is the latest single from Admariz. Through her music she hopes to inspire others and bring to light the many challenges that youth face in this day and age.

Adamariz says when describing what inspired ’22 & Confused that ‘it is a cry out to God to help me control my thoughts and actions. I originally wrote it the song as a poem when I turned 21. I was going through a very rough time, financially and emotionally. I quite literally felt like giving up on EVERYTHING. I felt alone, like I had no home, and like God had abandoned me. 10 months later, I came across the beat by Oza Music. I instantly remembered the poem and restructured it to flow with the beat. Looking back, I felt as if the feeling of being in your 20’s and being confused is very common. Like a lot of my songs, I wanted to let people know, they are not alone! Although the ending is dark, it is still a call out to God. It shows that despite it all, I still have hope that He will come through, because He always has’.

“I’m 22 and confused 
Wondering what to do 
Begging God for a clue 
Tryna change my point of view
Tryna keep my cool”

Download ’22 & Confused’ here – https://adamariz.com/22-confused

Keep up to date with Admariz here – https://www.instagram.com/adamarizraps/

Written by Luke Wareham


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