22 Christian Music Playlists On Spotify That You Should Be Following

Christian Music is just getting better and better of recent. However even though good Christian music is on a rise, the awareness of it isn’t! Good Christian music can be so difficult to find and if you can find some, there is either not enough of them or the playlist is over 10 years old! (slight exaggeration) We as Gospel Hydration a Christian music and lifestyle blog pride ourselves on making sure that we are giving you the most up to date jams that are perfect for your playlists.

We even have taken that step further and created over 22 Christian Music Playlists on Spotify. Each of these playlists fit a specific genre and mood in Christian music. From Christian R&B to Christian House and Pop. For us to get more awareness of the amazing Christian music out there we need your support. All it takes is a follow and share of one of our playlists to help gain more exposure for the Christian music scene.

Below we have curated a list of all the playlists. Let us know what you think of them and if you have any amazing Christian music that would sound perfect in any of our playlists drop us a comment below πŸ™‚

Gospel Hydration – Pure Christian R&B

Christian R&B like you’ve never heard it before. Featuring all the best Christian artists from across the globe.

Gospel Hydration – Christian House Party Playlist

The Best Christian POP, R&B / HIP-HOP Music On Spotify! | Visit www.youtube.com/gospelhydration for more amazing Christian music

Gospel Hydration | Christian Afrobeat

The best Christian Afrobeats | Limoblaze, CalledOut Music, Gil Joe, Nkay, Angeloh, Renzo BA, Stevie Valentine, Happi, The Vicious Vic.

Gospel Hydration – Christian R&B / Pop

The best Christian R&B / Pop | Check out more great music at www.gospelhydration.com

Gospel Hydration – Christian Lofi

The Best Christian Lofi Music From Around The World | LoFi Study, Chill Songs

Gospel Hydration – Christian Workout

Christian songs to push through your workout! | Visit www.youtube.com/gospelhydration for more amazing Christian music.

Gospel Hydration | UK Christian Music Hits

The best Christian Music Hits coming out of the UK. Featuring artists like Guvna B, Still Shadey, Called Out Music, Sarah Teibo, Asha Elia and many others. Make sure to give us a follow πŸ™‚

Gospel Hydration – Christian Grime / Drill

The Best Christian Grime & Drill On The Planet Right Now. Check It Out And More Christian Music On www.gospelhydration.com

Christian Driving Songs | Gospel Hydration

Christian upbeat music to accompany you on your drive. Featuring the best alternative Christian music songs out right now.

Gospel Hydration – Christian Hip Hop

The Best Christian Hip Hop | CHH.

Christian Worship Songs | Gospel Hydration

Christian Music curated to just soak in His Presence. feat artist LOVKN, Hillsong, Bethel Music and many others.

The Queenlist | Gospel Hydration

The Most Refreshing Queen led Christian Music Playlist on Spotify. Feat Artists like Jackie Hill Perry, Asha Elia, Danielle Apicella, Stacey Sarpong and many more.

Gospel Hydration | Reggaeton Cristiano

Musica Cristiana I Reggaeton Cristiano, Latin Trap Cristiano

Top 10 | Gospel Hydration Chart

This is the Official Gospel Hydration Top 10 Charts. If you would like your track to be considered for the chart please send submissions to gospelhydration@gmail.com for reviewing purposes. Please note the top 10 chart list is selected based on views and engagement of tracks on our youtube channel.

Alone With My Thoughts | Gospel Hydration

A playlist curated for the times you may feel a little tender and need a subtle boost to help you pull through a difficult season. Love you x

Gospel Hydration – Christian House, DNB & Garage

The Best Christian House, D&B & Garage Music from around the world. Check out more amazing Christian music on www.gospelhydration.com

Morning With Jesus | Gospel Hydration

Hear some happy songs today before you leave home. Featuring refreshing songs that will wake you up kindly and with love.

Christian Wedding Songs – Gospel Hydration

Featuring the best Christian music to keep your wedding popping without explicit lyrics. Enjoy them πŸ™‚ Also check out more from Gospel Hydration by following us and checking out more of our playlists

Christian Pop Weekly | Gospel Hydration

Featuring the best Christian Pop / Alternative tracks out right now. Updated weekly πŸ™‚

Christian Indie Weekly | Gospel Hydration

Christian Indie weekly features all the best indie / pop hits out right now from Grace Graber to Pyramid park & LOVKN. Hope you enjoy! Make sure to give us a follow as well.

Sunday Mood Fillers | Gospel Hydration

A list for a calming Sunday filled with family, love, food & Church. Hope you enjoy it x

Derrick’s Top 60 Picks – Gospel Hydration

Derrick Tchie is the founder of Gospel Hydration and has curated this Christian music playlist of all his personal favourites over the years ranging from Christian House to UK Grime.

Thanks for viewing this list! Let us know what you thought of the playlists as well in the comments below. Also if you are a Christian music artist and looking for how you can promote your music further check out our Premium Posting Page.

Written by Derrick

Derrick is the founder of Gospel Hydration. Creating a community for Good Christian music to be enjoyed. Aiming to revive dead & boring music with life :)


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