UK Christian music is growing fast in influence across the world right now. Fusing Afrobeats, Grime, UK Garage and R&B. The move of God throughout the creative scene is heavy! He is using the creative scene as a mouthpiece for His Word to be brought forth in a different and unique way. Below we have compiled a list of 10 UK Christian Music Artists that should be on your radar.

No 1: Sharyn – Broken Hearts

No 2: Konola – No Designer

No 3: Guvna B – Battle

No 4: Marc Jones – No Gravity

No 5: Calledout Music – Warm Embrace

No 6: K.O.F.I – Just Like That

No 7: Mid november – Everyday

No 8: Marko x GB – Psalms

No 9: J Vessel – 10 Toes

No 10: Jonathan Ogden – Slow Down

There are many more Christian artists in the UK absolutely killing it right now as well so when you get the chance you can check out more of them on Gospel Hydration. Let us know what you think of the selection in the comments below 🙂




  1. Whoa!!!
    This list can dry the Mississippi river!!
    All glory to Yahweh and may He keep blessing us with such talent.
    This is how I would stack my 10:
    1. Psalms
    2. No Designer
    3. Everyday
    4. Broken Hearts
    5. Slow Down
    6. Just Like That
    7. Battle
    8. No Gravity
    9. Ten Toes
    10. Warm Embrace

    Thank you gospel hydration. Yahweh bless you.

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